Games, games, games.

This is a blog about game innovation.

My definition of innovation is this: successfully different. This does not imply that something has to be successful commercially to innovate. Far from it! If a game succeeds at accomplishing what it attempts, it is successful. If what it attempts is different in some crucial way, if it challenges, defines, or expands conventions of the medium, it is different. Successful + different = innovative. Simple, right?

This blog is intended as a resource for game innovation: practical techniques for generating ideas, tools for better understanding games, and strategies for implementing them. Now, I’m no Will Wright. I’ve worked on five games, three of which have shipped. None of them are what I’d consider innovative. So, what qualifies me to write about innovation? I guess the answer is passion. Nothing gives me the braingiggles like a rogue idea, brilliant and well-executed. Nothing is so beautiful and perfect. When I see it, I want to share it. Then I feel it, and I want to create.