Spore: Will Wright’s Last Game?

Brian Eno (!!!)

I was actually listening to Brian Eno as I read this:

Brian Eno to Create Generative Spore Soundtrack

Yay, Brian Eno!

I’m getting this kind of sad feeling, though, welling up inside. Is Spore going to be the last game that Will Wright ever designs? He’s acting like it’s a swan song; pulling out all the stops, calling in the best of the best of his friends and acquaintances, talking about Spore as the game he’s always wanted to make…even his wife has stated publicly that she thinks this will be his last game. What a sad, beautiful thing that would be.

I was thinking of writing ‘I hope he writes a book. Or stops smoking. Or both.’ But, really, he teaches us so much more by his games, by his creative example. Oh, Will, won’t you ‘pull a Miyazake’ and make five games, each of which you declare your last? That would be peach