It was the Blurst of days…

Rumblings on the horizon, cracks in the round pottery dome of reality…for Flashbang has grabbed the very reigns of the universe with the pre-pseudo announcement of BLURST!


Yeah, so we’re putting up a new site for all our games. It will be cool, I think. In our collective minds it’s a pretty excellent realization of our dream to make amazing, weird games and post them to the Internets. And have people play them and like them. And then we somehow make money off the whole apparatus, which allows us to move away from doing contract work. Huzzah!

Book: Complete

book cover

Available for preorder here.

It will be out mid October, apparently.


And now back to lifeus interruptus.

Time to move into my new house, put out the fires on all the projects I was ignoring, and get some freaking sunshine and exercise.

And maybe get a husky puppy and name it Seamus.


More thoughts on writing and on how the book turned out at a later date. In the mean time, email me if you want to read the manuscript and maybe do a quote for Amazon or the book back. Or if you’re interested in using it in a class or something.

*passes out*