This picture fills me with thoughtless joy:


Minotaur China Shop released!



Also, amusing profile interview on Rock Paper Shotgun:


To: Games 4 Touch

RE: Your unethical bullshit.

I don’t usually get riled up about things like this, but you’ve really crossed the line with this one. Petri Purho is too nice a guy to sue you. He should, and would be successful in doing so; you have copied the mechanics, level structure, look, feel, and sound design of Crayon Physics. He’s too nice a guy even to write you a strongly worded email.

So, here’s your message: get a life, you creative parasites. Get a life, and make your own games. What you have done is indefensible. If you’re going to clone someone else’s brilliant idea because you’ve none of your own, at least have the decency and respect to alter the treatment slightly. Just slightly and I could have looked at your game and said ‘ah well, it’s the casual space, what are you going to do?’ As it is, you’ve given Petri a slap in the face. It will not affect him or change his approach to game design – he is brilliant and courageous, unlike you – but what you have done is wrong, and someone needs to tell you so. In your heart of hearts, despite the money you are now making, you know you are uncreative lowlife scum. You have stolen from an independent game developer, the righteous little guy, the creative future of the medium. Congratulations.

Hoping you choose a better path in the future,

Steve Swink