Noteswinger 1.0

Left click - attach left wheel to line
Right click - attach right wheel to line
S - alternate attach left wheel to line
F - alternate attach right wheel to line
Move mouse - nudge avatar slightly in a direction
A - Respot

Note: blue lines travel right, red lines travel left

Just fiddling with physics and game aesthetics here. I threw in the coin collect to see how accurate the control was against a context. Eventually, I want to have each little blue thing that travels on a line represent a note or phrase of music, with background music in the same key, somewhat like Rez or Jonathan Mak's "Everyday Shooter".

Noteswinger requires the Virtools web player plugin to run. The web player should ask for permission to install if it isn't already on your system (installer is 740k). However, if you need more information on the Virtools web player-- including compatibility and install issues--visit the Virtools Web Player download page.

Play Noteswinger 1.0 (500k):
Launch game in popup
Start game in browser

Programming & Design: Steve Swink
Art: Steve Swink
* Special thanks to Matthew Wegner for guidance, support, Virtools help: 

Made with Virtools. Parts of the code are © Virtools 1998-2006