Book: Complete

book cover

Available for preorder here.

It will be out mid October, apparently.


And now back to lifeus interruptus.

Time to move into my new house, put out the fires on all the projects I was ignoring, and get some freaking sunshine and exercise.

And maybe get a husky puppy and name it Seamus.


More thoughts on writing and on how the book turned out at a later date. In the mean time, email me if you want to read the manuscript and maybe do a quote for Amazon or the book back. Or if you’re interested in using it in a class or something.

*passes out*

Wii Motion Plus

Wiill this finally deliver on the promise of true 3d spatial manipulation?

If so, huzzah!

Big, Sexy Dinosaurs

Boy, are they beautiful!

Churning and Burning

Wow! Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post. I desperately hope I can live up to expectations and that the book is cool and awesome in the end.

I greatly appreciate the vote of confidence but the first manuscript submission was definitely not the end and I can’t afford to view it as such. I’m actually sweating a bit at the moment; The notion that stuff I’m sending off now is final, set in stone…it’s a yinyang of terror and elation. Elation because, well, the end is finally in sight. Terror because I was in such a ludicrous hurry to finish up each section that I managed to crank out some truly abysmal writing. As I’m discovering now that I ‘m churning through doing final edits and tying up loose ends, I’ve committed just about every conceivable Cardinal Sin of the First Time Author. If you find some day find that you’ve woken up, Memento-style, from a bout of crippling amnesia and have for some inexplicable reason agreed to write a book…condolences :D. I recommend the following, in no particular order:

1. Create diagrams as you go. They are always more time consuming than you think they’re going to be and if you come back to them later you often end up rewriting sections of text to match.

2. Write a detailed, comprehensive outline ahead of time. I thought I understood what an outline was, but I was painfully mistaken. An outline means you’ve traveled the thought paths of the book from beginning to end. If you can’t talk your way through the entire book via the outline, explaining each point in detail, the outline is not complete.

3. There’s no such thing as the perfect word, sentence, paragraph, chapter, section. I’ve wasted so much time trying to be clever with my writing it’s nearly beyond calculation. At this point, I’d say I’ve written at a ratio of two to one. That is, I’ve written two words of nonsense that I threw away to every one that stayed. That’s a lot of words :/. The lesson is that you should make your point first, make it clear and concise, and then make it fun to read. I’ve found that once I have clearly stated what I’m trying to say the writing part takes care of itself.

4. Permissions are a bitch. Secure them as quickly as possible. Cold calling does not work.

5. Write as if every draft were final. I really wish I’d done this. It would have taken just a little bit more time, but re-engaging with a piece of writing later is so much harder than pushing it that extra step when you’re really ‘in it.’

6. You’ll never have that day. This is a tip Ian Bogost imparted as we trudged through the cold Montreal evening: you will never have a day when you write for 18 hours straight and complete 10,000 amazing words. Better to write 500 words that stay in the final manuscript on the back of a movie ticket than to beat your head against a monitor for a whole day.

7. Avoid contingency webs. Keep a stable of other interesting things that help the book get closer to completion but which don’t require brilliant flashes of insight. I got really wrapped up in the idea that to start A I needed B complete and C complete and so on. This is probably the single biggest failure of my writing process. If you think this way, paralysis is waiting just around the corner. Writing, like game design, never feels “done.” The solution is to attack thought problems at the highest, most abstract level first. If I had to do it over, I wouldn’t have written a single coherent sentence until I could dance my way through the entire thoughtflow of the book, start to finish. That way, you can “finish” the whole thing at one level and simple refine and expand from there.

I’m actually writing this as a warm up; I’ve been a naughty boy and haven’t finshed what i wanted to get done today. After this, I’m off to complete an example chapter about Super Mario 64.



It’s 3:30am and I’m just about to head to bed. Tomorrow, I will turn in the first draft of the entire manuscript of my book. About 40 minutes ago, I finally solved the central and most important thought problem of the book. Cutting it close, I realize, but now I feel like I can finally rest peacefully. It’s been awhile.

In other news: I can’t wait to share the book with everybody! Still another month and a half of editing, fixing, filling holes and so on, but the end is finally in sight. Writing this book has been the most difficult undertaking of my life, bar none.

World of Goo!

Goo Bliss those 2dBoys! If you preordered World of Goo, you now have a shiny new preview build in your inbox. Go buy fourteen of them!

Good job Kyle and Ron you are made of awesome!

“My Life”

My Life

ORVS Live!

Yay! Head on over to to play zee game. Also, here are some additional Raptor Fun Facts*

Raptor fun fact #108 – Raptors are natural thespians.
Raptor fun fact #109 – If you feed a raptor cheese he will lay eggs for 47 hours.
Raptor fun fact #110 – Raptors will control your house after being in an electrical storm.
Raptor fun fact #111 – Raptors store extra food in a skin pouch that they call a “pizza”.
Raptor fun fact #113 – The Yakuza hire raptors to do their dirty work.
Raptor fun fact #114 – The raptors life span is 666 months.
Raptor fun fact #115 – There’s nothing worse to a raptor than a bad case of shingles.
Raptor fun fact #116 – Raptors read Hustler magazine.
Raptor fun fact #117 – Some raptors are farmers.
Raptor fun fact #118 – Raptors did 9/11
Raptor fun fact #119 – Raptors aren’t “fun”
Raptor fun fact #120 – Raptor came in my house.
Raptor fun fact #121 – Raptors are the goats of the dinosaur world.
Raptor fun fact #122 – Raptors recycle; do you?
Raptor fun fact #123 – Raptors hate croissants.
Raptor fun fact #124 – A raptor will pull a fast one on you.
Raptor fun fact #125 – If you are eaten by a raptor while wearing a hat it will steal your hat to sell on the black market.
Raptor fun fact #126 – Watch your back or you’ll get raptor’d.
Raptor fun fact #127 – A raptor can puke so hard he can sand blast a 12’x12′ wall in 0.4 seconds.
Raptor fun fact #128 – Raptors second favorite mode of transportation (after streetcar) is bicycle.
Raptor fun fact #129 – Raptors keep their emotions bottled up inside.
Raptor fun fact #130 – Raptors transport grain in a wheeled cart called a “thetch.”
Raptor fun fact #131 – Raptors do not tolerate laughter.
Raptor fun fact #132 – A raptor with a glass eye is still called “SCREEEECH!”
Raptor fun fact #133 – Baby raptors are called raptorlings (pronounced “SCREEECH!”)
Raptor fun fact # 134 – Most raptors are lactose intolerant
Raptor fun fact # 135 – Raptor milk is an aphrodisiac, but only to bears.
Raptor fun fact # 136 – Raptor Jesus is a jealous god. Thou shalt have no Raptor Jesus before Him.
Raptor fun fact #137 – A raptor will never listen to The Beach Boys.
Raptor fun fact #138 – 6 in 10 raptor automobile fatalities involve an off-road vehicle
Raptor fun fact #139 – A raptor in the future is like blender in a hamster factory
Raptor fun fact #140 – Do not invite a raptor to your birthday party.
Raptor fun fact #141 – If you are invited to a raptor’s birthday party, say yes but plan to leave early.
Raptor fun fact #142 – The only thing you can trade with a raptor at the river is your life.
Raptor fun fact #143 – Raptors love monopolies.
Raptor fun fact #144 – The raptors favorite artistic tool is a spirograph.
Raptor fun fact #145 – Raptors always need floaties at the pool, or they’ll drown.
Raptor fun fact #146 – Raptors hate web 2.0. because they only know html.
Raptor fun fact #147 – Raptors love listening to jam band music while eating hot dogs…but because of their rich culture full of traditions, they cannot do so.
Raptor fun fact #148 – Raptors love George Michael despite being banned from his concerts.
Raptor fun fact #149 – When a raptor’s wife is showing too much cleavage he is legally allowed to claw her up to three times.
Raptor fun fact #150 – Raptors run in the night with vampires.
Raptor fun fact #151 – Don’t ever bathe in a raptor’s afterbirth.
Raptor fun fact #152 – Gabriel is the most common raptor name.
Raptor fun fact #153 – When visiting Vegas raptors will only stay in Treasure Island.
Raptor fun fact #154 – When attacked all raptors form a raptor milita known as the Great Brown Lamps.
Raptor fun fact #155 – Believe it or not human is not a traditional dish at raptor weddings.
Raptor fun fact #156 – Raptors are pro unicorn.
Raptor fun fact #157 – Raptors can’t get past medium on “Through Fire and Flames.”
Raptor fun fact #158 – Raptors are elite socialites that demand the best products in the world.
Raptor fun fact #159 – You never argue with the ref in raptor soccer game.
Raptor fun fact #160 – Raptors take Valentines Day deadly serious.
Raptor fun fact #161 – “Raptor Hammock”
Raptor Fun Fact #162- Only a Raptor may refer to himself as Ralph.
Raptor Fun Fact #163- You might cook with aluminum, but Raptors only use steel.
Raptor Fun Fact #164- When this log rolls over these Raptors will be dead.
Raptor Fun Fact #165- Pencil shavings keep a Raptor busy for hours.
Raptor Fun Fact #166- Raptors also do not appreciate Rickets.
Raptor Fun Fact #167- The only proper phrase to whisper to a Raptor is: “clever girl!”
Raptor Fun Fact #168- A vacationing Raptor in shades will resemble a cross between Sylvester Stallone and Matthew McConaughey.
Raptor Fun Fact #169- An open door for a Raptor usually means coffee.
Raptor Fun Fact #170- If you invite a Raptor for a ride you’d better be ready for a game of table top football played with a dehydrated armadillo kidney.
Raptor Fun Fact #171- Raptor meat can be substituted for soy jerky or awful.

*Special thanks to Amy, Bryan Manning, Chris Manning, Mike Brendan, Chriag, and Adam for contributing amazing raptor facts!!!

Velociraptor Safari (!!!)

Open Unity –> Drink heavily–> Black out –> ??? –> = ORVS $$$

So apparently the internet was desperately craving a game in which you hunt down feathered velociraptors in an off-road vehicle and send them forward in time to be made into Num-Nums© brand Raptortacos. Who knew? I can’t really remember where the idea came from; like most funny things I think it came out of random jokery. Or maybe we were just drunk. It’s hard to remember things when you’re sitting on anthills of genius. I’m pretty sure there was at least one Mechtley involved, though.

Cheers, internet. You truly are a series of tubes.

Tip ‘o the Monocle to Sir Kyle


Kyle posted his neato robot destruction game. Play it and experience trembling terror at the skills of a superhero one-man game development studio named Gabler!


It’s a neat nod to what has become a webgame metagenre, the “Tower Defense” game. I look forward to the day when we won’t name genres for influential games and will instead have an understanding of how interactivity is constructed, why a certain combination of mechanics and content seem to harmonize so well, and where it’s reasonable to draw the genre lines. Somebody solve this problem! Anyhow, big ups to my main man Kyle, he of the Indie Midas Touch :P.

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