Shanke Prototype 1.0

Shanke Gameplay Video

Player 1 Controls:
W - move forward
A - turn left
S - move backwards
D - turn right

Player 2 Controls:
Up Arrow - move forward
Left Arrow - turn left
Down Arrow - move backwards
Right Arrow - turn right

General Controls:
Spacebar - Reset Knights
ESC - Return to menu

This was created in two days and is intended as a design launchpad for AIPX's Siggraph Game submission.

Shanke requires the Virtools web player plugin to run. The web player should ask for permission to install if it isn't already on your system (installer is 740k). However, if you need more information on the Virtools web player-- including compatibility and install issues--visit the Virtools Web Player download page.

Play Shanke (~2000k):
Launch game in popup
Start game in browser

Programming & Design: Steve Swink
(Prototype) Art: Steve Swink